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March 6, 2010 Leave a comment
Screenshot of

Screenshot of Blogite

This is Blogite it is a simple python program that gets rss feeds and displays the current posts. I am trying to make it similar to Gwibber. You can download the code at I still have to do a few things and make it more robust, but it is a nice start to the program. Look for more to come in the next two weeks.

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Ubuntu Netbook Remix Mockup

August 23, 2009 1 comment

Can Ubuntu Netbook Remix look like this? I would love to see tabs on the side. When you clicked on the Places tab, it would replace the left navigation list with places such as home, Desktop, Documents, Bookmarks, and any inserted media. In the right large content area, there could be a simple file browser that would allow you traverse folders and open files. The contact tab would pull contacts from evolution, thunderbird, pidgin, or empathy and allow you to edit contact. Don’t know if this is possible but I hope to look into it. Have to brush up on my C and look at the clutter library.

A mockup for Ubuntu Netbook Remix

A mockup for Ubuntu Netbook Remix